You are likely visiting my website because you received a letter advising you of a refund or other type of money due to you from a public agency within the state of Texas.

   Take a few minutes to view the different pages of my website. You will find commonly asked questions & answers, testimonials from a few of my clients and even the ability to view the current progress of your refund. Thank you for investing a few minutes of your time.

   Please call us toll-free at 1-877-443-3131 so we can rush your refund documents to you.
Or, if you prefer, you can view the source and details of your refund now. Note: Viewing your refund will not obligate you to actually apply for it.

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Testimonials   (View All)
...Thank you so very, very much for your help in obtaining the funds that were rightfully ours. Without your help, we would never have known to do this... Again, thank you sincerely, Milton B. & Caroline B. S.

...My husband and I have been very hard working people....Money is very valuable to us, as it is to anyone. We will appreciate any monies that we are deserving of, even if we have to share, some is better than none. I am certainly appreciative, that someone out there is helping the hard working people in this society... Sincerely, Claudia C.
FAQ   (View All)
Q. Why am I being contacted?
A. You are in the process of losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I want to help you recover your money before you lose it.

Q. Where is my money coming from?
A. Click on "View Your Refund" to find out. You will find that your money is coming from a public agency in the state of Texas.

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