Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why am I being contacted?
A. You are in the process of losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I want to help you recover your money before you lose it.
Q. Can I find this money myself?
A. Maybe so, but you haven't thus far. Time can be more precious than money. Why would you want to risk losing all of your money when I can help you almost immediately apply for your refund with little effort on your part?
Q. Where is my money coming from?
A. Click on "Get Your Refund >>" to find out. You will find that your money is coming from a public agency in the state of Texas.
Q. Why do you charge a fee?
A. I have gone through considerable time, effort and expense to research this and contact you. Also, I do not get paid up front. Most people agree that getting part of something is better than losing it all. Furthermore, quite often our clients realize savings of thousands of dollars for many years in the future which, of course, are 100% theirs. This effectively lowers our initial fee to a very small percentage in the long run.
Q. How will I know you received a full refund?
A. You will know exactly where the money comes from and may at any time verify the information we offer. Also you can call us at any time.
Q. Can you charge more than 10%?
A. Yes. The 10% limit only applies to money that is, or can be, sent to the Texas Comptroller's Office. Quite frankly, it is unprofitable for reputable companies to help reunite people with money or assets they have lost to the Texas Comptroller's office. Additionally, those monies do not have a state mandated deadline, unlike the refunds for which my company specializes.
Q. Will I owe for future refunds?
A. The detailed information I will provide will clearly state the source and time period(s) of the refund(s). You will not owe for any additional future refunds, rebates or savings which often result from our efforts.
Q. Is this a sweepstakes, time-share, home equity, rewards program or any other similar program?
A. No. This is a very real and very straight deal. Simply stated: I believe you are about to lose several hundred or more dollars and I will help you retrieve it for a fee.
Q. Is this legitimate?
A. Yes. I do not ask for any money up front. I can only get my fee after your refund/rebate is received. I am licensed by the state of Texas. We are member of the Better Business Bureau. I have been doing this business since 1990. How could it not be legitimate?
Q. What do I do now?
A. Click on "Get Your Refund >>" to start the refund process.
Q. What if the refund amount is different than the amount you told me?
A. My final fee is based off a percentage of the amount(s) finally refunded/rebated, NOT on any amount stated. For example, if your application is not submitted by the deadline, your benefit will be less, and therefore my fee will be less.