The following are unsolicited client letters.

I received your check for $860.48. I sincerely appreciate you contacting me and getting the refund... I would never have known of this ... if you had not contacted me. Again, thanks. Sincerely, Margaret., T

We received your check yesterday in the amount of $1,366.24, thank you so much. We really appreciate your contacting us to make us aware of this ... Your truly, Laura & George J.

...Receipt of the check for $1,734.08 was a pleasant surprise...Thank you for your assistance in retrieving this money that we would probably never have known about if you had not helped. Sincerely, Charles A.

Enclosed is a copy of the check I received from .... Thanks for your help. Without your help, I would not have known about the refund. Richard M.

I received my part of the recovered ... overpayments I have made to the various ... agencies which have been helping themselves to more than their share of the ... pie for longer than I want to contemplate. I now wonder how much money I have lost because of their carelessness or their mendacity. Of course I am now sorry I did not respond to your offer to help the first time your wrote me. Like many, I am inundated with buns every day, and I junk most of them. But this is a note of thanks. Thank you for your help. The money is deposited and my wife has plans for its expenditure. If I can think of any other ways in which my naiveté or my ignorance of financial affairs has made me a pigeon, please tell me. I like it when an unknown young woman from Big D rides to the rescue. With Many Thanks, Joseph M.

Thank you! You make me believe in people again. P.B.

...Again thanks for your help & God bless you and your work. Sincerely, Doris D.

Having just received a check for over $600.00, I'm mightily impressed by your work.

I appreciate what you have done for me. I am laid off my job, and this money will help me so much to save my house.

Thank you Karyn for a job well done. Robert. H.